Ghost RC Castle MONSTER X ACE!

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The Monster X ACE is based on the proven Mamba Monster X 1:8 scale controller with special modifications for no prep 2S drag racing, only from GHOST RC: 

  • Timing increased from 45 degrees to 60 degrees

  • 8AWG battery wires

  • Unique red heat sink

 There is no fan / fan shroud (not required when running 132 feet in less than two seconds) and current sensing is disabled as is rapid temp increase protection. A USB Castle Link is included for programming and data logs.  

Proudly Assembled in the USA!

The ALL NEW Monster X ACE is based on the Castle Creations Mamba Monster X 6S with modifications to make this Monster a dominant and reliable ESC for 2S no prep racing.

-8AWG wire soldered direct to the board (versus 10AWG)

-60 degrees of total CHEAT timing (versus 45 degrees)

-Rapid Temperature cutoff disabled

The ESC is 6S rated however we only recommend 2S when running over 45 degrees of timing.